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JavaCPC update to v2.9.5d is available!
Update from v2.9.5b to v 2.9.5d changelog:

New features:
- ModeX Paint added (Available from Menu, experimental)
- Ability to store and read 4MB SNApshots (SNA V2 compatible)

Grab your copy here:

You can also use the internal update function of course, too!

Important bugfixes!

Update from v2.9.5d to 2.9.5e changelog:
- Important bugfix in ROM handling (JavaCPC was not able to recognize the selected OS, which is important for some apps to work properly)
- Bugfix in JavaCPC Paint
- Bugfix in ModeXPaint GUI

JavaCPC Update v2.9.6 is available :)
You can download it on or on my website or you can use the internal update function in your old version, too ;)
Update from v2.9.4/5 to v2.9.6 changelog:

- Several bugfixes in JavaCPC Paint
- Rasterpaint: Re-arranged the GUI
- Fixed 4mb ram expansion port problems (Re-arranged port numbers)
- Fixed some Z80 cycles (Probably implemented new bugs now)
- Added possibility to update FutureOS ROMs directly from FutureOS Server (Menu: Help -> Check for FutureOS Update)
- New .EXE Icons (Thanks to Paul Barrick for the nice pixelart- CPC 464!)
- Major and minor bugfixes in CPC emulation
- Re-wrote PAL filter
- Re-wrote parts of the sound emulation (Tape-noise is seperated now and less annoying)
- Bugfix in FDC emulation: Fixed RPM and added "Match Sector" to commands
- Updated the startup-splash screen
- Bugfixes in MagicCPCDiskImage: Corrected filesize for binary and basic files, fixed filesize for creating directory
- RasterPaint: Added line-mode: INKs change each line only
- Added: New bugs, problems, funny behavior (As usual)

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